Tips for Growing this Bloom-filled Annual Sweet Alyssum in Your Garden

Growing sweet fragrance from seeds is much cheaper than buying seedlings every year-this is a plant you won't just buy one! I like the versatility of this hardy annual Chlorella, a member of the cabbage family, it is the perfect filling and spillage for container arrangements. Mature plants will produce a large number of delicate flowers, pouring down on the side of the pot. In the garden, it can be grown as a beautiful annual ground cover or edge plant. Sweet balsam plants grow so densely, they help suppress weeds!

But sweet soaps are more than just fillers. Its dozens of tiny white or purple flowers will attract important beneficial insects into the garden.

In her new book "Plant Companion: A Science-Based Vegetable Garden Companion Planting Strategy", Jessica uses a page to introduce the benefits of growing sweet lemon balm. These plants can be used as natural pest control in vegetable gardens to control the infestation of aphids. Parasitic wasps and hoverflies consider lemon balm pollen and nectar to be a delicious food source. The larvae of the latter feed on aphids, while the former lay a small egg in the aphids.

Whether you are giving them a good start indoors or taking a seed packet to the garden in the spring, here are some tips for planting sweet soap from seeds.

Growing sweet alyssum from indoor seeds
You really can't go wrong when choosing sweet toon seeds. There are several varieties to choose from, but apart from the color, they look almost the same. Many have white flowers, some are purple or violet, and I have even seen peach-colored snowdrops.

If you started using alyssum seeds indoors, please take approximately six to eight weeks from the last frost-free day. Grab a seed tray with cell inserts filled with seed starting mixture. I use a small tray with a moisture dome cover and take out the seeds after they germinate. Using alyssum, it takes about one to two weeks. Or, consider using a heat pad, which can help germination if your setting is in a cold room.

The seeds are small and you don't need to cover them with soil. Just disperse them in each cell and use a plant sprayer when watering so the seeds will not be washed away. Place the tray under a growing light or in a very bright, warm south-facing window. Once the seedlings begin to appear, gently thin them so that the seedlings are about 6 inches (15 cm) apart.

Planting alyssum seedlings in the garden
I add sweet lemon balm to the edge of the raised bed, and any remaining seedlings will usually fill up any other holes in the perennials in my garden and any annuals I might plant. Alyssum is easy to grow and usually still blooms throughout the fall-the plant is usually the last plant to remain in bloom!

When you are ready to plant seedlings in the garden, choose a sunny, well-drained area (some shades are fine) and use compost to modify the area. Even though they are still small at this time, you still need to leave enough space for your snow lotus seedlings. Plant them about 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 cm) apart.

Add sweet alyssum to your raised bed
I always plant flowers in healthy proportions on my elevated bed, not only for summer bouquets, but also for attracting pollinators and beneficial insects. And increase their visual interest! Alyssum will not be placed in your seasonal vase, but it is a gorgeous addition to the garden and can help the natural pest management mentioned above. In summer, plants are always buzzing.

Because it grows slowly, you don't have to worry about the sweet soap covering anything (what happened to me when I didn't read the seed packets of higher blooming annuals). Tuck plants in corners or between plants, or on the edge of your raised bed, where it can stack up from the side.

Grow sweet alyssum from seeds by planting seeds directly in the garden or flower pots
If your seeds start to set up space with only vegetables, that's okay. Once the temperature rises in the spring, you can directly sow lemon balm seeds in your garden. After all the threats of severe frost have passed, plant snow lotus seeds. A slight frost is okay. You don't really need to make a hole, just loosen the soil and sprinkle seeds. Keep the soil moist until the seeds germinate (usually within about 8 to 10 days). A hose or watering can can cause the seeds to be washed away (although you cannot prevent heavy downpours in the spring). But you may need to spray lightly on the soil until the seedlings appear. Thin your plants so that they are about 6 inches (15 cm) apart because they will spread!

Don’t panic if the plant goes to sleep in the hot summer. When the temperature is close to drop, they will cheer up again.

If you are planting spring arrangements, add snow grass seeds to spring bulbs and/or flowers. When you are ready to schedule the removal of used plants for the summer, alyssum will begin to fill up.

In my first home, if I accidentally tore off the seedlings, a reliable citronella carpet appeared every spring. Not clearing the plants means they will replant for me. So leave your plants on the ground this fall and see if you will be rewarded with plants next spring!


Growing sweet fragrance from seeds is much cheaper than buying seedlings every year-this is a plant you won't just buy one! I like the versatility of this hardy annual Chlorella, a member of the cabbage family...Read more