Why Early Harvest Olive Oil Is Better for Health and Cook?

Have you tried authentic high-quality extra virgin olive oil? If you have, you will know-this experience is unforgettable. Premium extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) smells like playing in the woods by the sea—or, more professionally, like grass, fruits, vegetables and/or flowers. If you taste it yourself, real EVOO will provide a very nice burning sensation in the back of your throat. This is such a rich and exciting sensory experience that most of us will not look back.

The importance of "early harvest" EVOO.

From oiling the frying pan to stirring the citrus salad dressing-oil is the core of our diet. Although nothing is as versatile and popular as olive oil, its quality range is very wide. We rarely take such a strong stand, but high-quality olive oil is better in terms of taste, health benefits and cooking.

Fortunately, many of us already prefer "extra virgin" olive oil, even if we don't know what it means (we understand; we have been there). What we didn't realize was that an "early harvest" EVOO like Kosterina olive oil was even better. It is excellent in terms of taste and health. From the pan to the plate, the only thing we need in our kitchen is extra virgin olive oil that is harvested early. After you read these four reasons, you will understand why:

1. Extra virgin olive oil harvested early is the best quality.

You have realized that EVOO is the best, but now you will know why. All olive oil is made by applying pressure to the olives to separate the liquid oil from the solid matter. "Extra virgin" olive oil comes from the first pressing of olives, while virgin oil comes from the second pressing, and "pure" or pure "olive oil" comes from the third pressing. However, the best EVOOs are "early harvest", which means they are made from first pressed olives that are immature and green. 
Kosterina is an early-harvested EVOO made from unripe 100% Koroneiki olives from the Peloponnese region of Greece... In fact, it takes 12 pounds of these green olives to make a bottle!

2. Early-harvested EVOO has greater health benefits.

Pressing immature olives produces less juice, but also retains the natural polyphenols in olive oil-which is good for health. Polyphenols are antioxidants naturally found in olive oil. Studies have shown that polyphenols have anti-inflammatory properties, may have preventive and therapeutic effects on cardiovascular diseases and cancer, and also play a key role in regulating metabolism and chronic diseases. More specifically, eating extra virgin olive oil high in polyphenols can even help lower blood pressure. With a deep understanding of the health benefits of 100% olive oil, Kosterina presses olives early in the harvest season to ensure that high levels of polyphenols are retained.

3. The threshold for "extra virgin" olive oil is very high.

Our own taste can feel the superiority of extra virgin olive oil (do you dare to try). But to become "extra virgin olive oil", olive oil must pass two obstacles: sensory testing of the natural taste and aroma of EVOO, and chemical analysis of elements such as acidity and polyphenol content. This is why this is important: through testing, it was found that Kosterina extra virgin olive oil has a polyphenol content of 470 mg/kg at harvest... the standard for extra virgin olive oil is 55 mg/kg. This means we know that the quality of Kosterina's early harvest olive oil is 9 times higher than the standard-as always, only the best for you!

4. Extra virgin olive oil harvested early is best for cooking.

The best meals start with the EVOO whirlpool in a pan, but only if they are of high quality. The important reason is that when oil is heated for cooking, potentially harmful chemical (and sometimes physical) changes can occur. 

According to the Olive Health Institute, EVOO produces the lowest levels of harmful compounds at high temperatures. EVOO does a good job of maintaining its structure and high levels of antioxidants, but again, the premise is that it is of high quality. EVOO with low polyphenol content will not be as resistant to high temperatures as Kosterina's high polyphenol content. P.S.: The rumors are not true: high-quality EVOO actually has a very high smoke point and more health benefits than vegetable oils.

Cooking with Kosterina has health benefits and taste. Kosterina olive oil is rich, fruity and grassy to enhance any flavor-whether it is a classic Mediterranean dip such as Tzatziki or lime garlic chicken skewers. Using real olive oil is an easy way to please your palate and increase the nutrition of any healthy meal. We have no reason not to use it for everything: from frying eggs to roasting some fresh vegetables to making luxurious desserts like olive oil brownies.

When you taste an early harvest extra virgin olive oil like Kosterina, the luxurious taste and silky feel will leave a mark in your memory. Quality food has the ability to do this. Sometimes we think we must save such special things for "special occasions." But let's think about it... Shouldn't our health always deserve the best? Isn't the most meaningful thing trivial? From cooking to pure enjoyment, we cannot imagine a kitchen without Kosterina. High-quality raw materials create high-quality moments.


Have you tried authentic high-quality extra virgin olive oil? If you have, you will know-this experience is unforgettable. Premium extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) smells like playing in the woRead more