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  • 17/06/21
Stylish wide plank floors

It's barely been a month since we finished the renovation of our basement, but I'm already thinking about the next big project: our attic! Currently a completely unfinished space, we're going to tackle this one in phases....

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  • 17/06/21
Geraniums! Bring Your House to Life

If I had to choose a plant to add to your potted list this year, it would be geranium. Although other cultures (from Scandinavia to Italy) have accepted this rich fragrance classic for decades or more, in the United States....

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  • 23/06/21
The Unbelievable History Behind Santorini's Iconic Cave Houses

Those blue shutters, cube-shaped houses bleached by sunlight are dotted on rough ocher rocks. Tourists are trying to take perfect Instagram selfies in front of these houses. These are the unique Santorini cave houses or "yposkafa" designs in the world....

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  • 28/06/21
Suburbs of Philadelphia, a Good Choice to Settle Down

If you have been fascinated by HBO's East Town mare, you may wonder what it's like to live in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Hope to reduce the murder mystery, but will certainly wait more for the SEPTA regional railway train when you commute..

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  • 02/07/21
Rudbeckias: Power Your House With Life!

Rudbeckias are some of the most robust and attractive plants. They are plants that don't need to make a fuss, they just need ordinary soil and plenty of sunlight..

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  • 08/07/21
The 1950s Virginia Home: Golden Finishes & Colorful Styles

Trisha Krause’s walking routes often take her through a mature and desirable neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia, which is modeled after an old English village....

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  • 12/07/21
Tips for Breakfast Nooks, Change Yours Now!

The breakfast nook is a feature that only some people are lucky enough to have at home, so if you find yourself having one of these small kitchen nooks, be sure to show your love for it. .

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  • 28/07/21
A Renovated Modern Victorian with the Most Gorgeous Kitchen

Somewhere in the course of the past year, our family switched from eating in the 'formal' dining room to our breakfast nook for most meals. Of course, this may have had something to do with the fact that we haven't exactly been entertaining....

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  • 20/08/21
Tips for Hanging Curtains

Curtains determine how much light enters your space, and their color and texture can complement or weaken the style of your room. Your curtains should be hung correctly....