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  • 31/08/21
Signs of a Happy Cat

We know that as a pet parent, you are very concerned about ensuring that your pet lives the happiest life. Cats may not express their feelings like dogs, but this does not mean that they will not let us know how they feel....

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  • 31/08/21
Healthy Problems about Senior Dogs

As our dogs get older, ensuring that we help them live the happiest and healthiest lives is more important than ever. In this blog, our Freshpet veterinarian, Dr. Aziza, shares her healthiest lifestyle habits and answers some....

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  • 23/08/21
Really Attractive Saltwater Startfish: How to Raise it in the Home Aquarium?

Without starfish, a seawater aquarium is incomplete. Starfish look attractive and help keep the aquarium clean. There are many varieties to choose from, and each variety has a unique color combination and specific needs....

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  • 19/08/21
How to Deal with Cat Worms Problem?

Cats are wild animals that manage themselves under wild conditions. This is why they are likely to catch the worm at some point in their lives. Worms in cats are so common that it is actually more unusual to find that they are not....

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  • 13/08/21
Introduction of Cute Pomeranian

The Spitz family comes from the Arctic region of Iceland. Their original purpose was to graze, pull sleds and guard. The Pomeranian is a Spitz, originally a larger breed, protecting the owner's property and warning intruders....

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  • 06/08/21
List of Popular Dog Movies

Who doesn't like dog movies? I am that person. Well, not all dog movies, but many are immediately disapproved. "Is the dog dead?" is usually my first question. Human beings in a crisis of one form or another?....

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  • 06/08/21
Dog Sports is Important for Building the Bonds

Dog sports with your canine partner can be a very satisfying experience. This is an opportunity for your dog to be physically and mentally challenged and to establish a unique connection by taking small (or big) steps towards achievement....

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  • 29/07/21
List of Cutest and Most Adorable Cats

The best list of beautiful kittens. Munchkin, Devonshire Rex, American Curly, Burma, Cornish Rex, Singapore. Characteristics and behaviors. They say that the best things are in small packages. We have some kittens to prove it..

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  • 29/07/21
You Have to Know These about Senior Dogs Vaccination!

From a legal and health perspective, dog vaccination is very important. Every state requires dogs to be vaccinated against rabies, and other dog vaccines such as canine distemper and leptospirosis can protect our pets from deadly diseases....

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  • 27/07/21
How to Deal with Pet Stains?

If you have pets, accidents will happen. For some reason, my dog prefers to vomit on the carpet instead of easy-to-clean tiles, but what can you do? An accident happened....