Maenza, a Small Town on the Hills of Lepini, is Selling Abodes for Prices Starting at €1

Buyers looking for cheap houses in Italy finally have an option close to Rome.

Maenza, a small town with about 3,000 residents on the hills of Lepini in the southern part of the Italian capital, is selling dozens of abandoned houses for a starting price of 1 euro.

Manza is famous for its idyllic atmosphere, stone structure, olive trees and unobstructed sea views. It is anchored by a 13th century castle and is close to several seaside resorts and mountains.

Maenza is not the first Italian town to sell houses at low prices, but unlike other towns, Maenza's mission is not to increase the population. "This is not a dying city. People still live in the old district, but it needs renovation, fresh oxygen," the mayor of the town, Claudio Spadutti, told CNN.

Sperduti told CNN that the goal of the town is to save landmark buildings that have fallen into disrepair due to time and house fins. If you can't find something you like online, don't worry. Just email town officials and they say they are eager to cooperate with investors.

The town hopes to find new owners for about 100 properties. The owner does not need to live in Maenza, which makes it a strong competitor for anyone looking for a holiday home with easy access to Italy’s most connected international airport.

Sperduti told CNN that he estimated that some houses in Maenza might be restored to a livable state through renovations of about 5,000 euros. These are not the huge Italian villas you remember in movies such as "Under the Tuscan Sun". They are usually less than 800 square feet in size, resulting in lower than expected renovation costs.

Maenza requires buyers to commit to renovating their new properties within three years. Buyers also need to pay a deposit of 5,000 Euros (approximately US$5,840), and the local government promises to refund the deposit after the renovation is completed.

However, for anyone looking for a cheap hideout in Italy, this may just be an invaluable opportunity.

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