The Most Popular Cocktails in Every State and Country

If you like piñacoladas and get caught in the rain, then you are not alone. Well, maybe you are the last part, but a recent study by swimwear company Pour Moi shows that this tropical drink is the most popular cocktail in the United States.

After analyzing more than 100 million Google searches in the past 12 months, Pour Moi’s 2021 Cocktail Report gives us a glimpse of what people are looking for online — and presumably drinking IRL (in real life).

With more than 2.3 million searches, piña coladas narrowly defeated the most searched cocktail in the United States, whose name is the cheeky pornstar Martini (2.2 million). Other popular beverages across the country include dirty martinis, espresso martinis, Aperol soda and Long Island iced tea.

The 2021 Cocktail Report also breaks down the state's data analysis. It’s no surprise that piña coladas tops the list in tropical states such as Florida and Hawaii, but it is also the most popular choice in six other states: New Jersey, Virginia, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Illinois.


Although the pornstar martini — made with passion fruit liqueur, passion fruit juice, and vanilla vodka, accompanied by a glass of prosecco — is not the most popular drink, but it is the most searched cocktail in 11 states. In second place, Long Island Iced Tea tops the list in 13 states.

Pour Moi has also turned his research into a convenient map, where regional differences become obvious. Southern states such as Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi love their daiquiri, while Negroni is the drink of choice throughout the West Coast, and espresso martinis in most parts of the northeastern United States It is also very popular among people in the northeast.

But Pour Moi did not stop there. The swimwear company has pushed their analysis to the world, revealing the top beverages in countries around the world. In several countries, including Mexico, Russia, and Egypt, piña colada is still a fan favorite, but it ranks second with 10.5 million searches worldwide.


The first place cocktail around the world? Pornstar martinis.

The Aperol spritz came in third, with 8.2 million searches, while Spain's beloved sangria trailed behind, with 7.6 million searches. Rounding out the top five cocktails was the Negroni, with 6.9 million global searches.

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