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  • 03/09/21
Tips for Taking Care of Bigleaf Hydrangeas

From time to time, I hear fans of Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla cvs. and H. serrata cvs., USDA Hardiness Zone 5-9) tell me the news of their heartbreak, because a precious shrub will not bloom....

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  • 30/08/21
Colourful Autumn Berries Help Us Move into Winter Seamlessly and Painlessly

Autumn berries represent the climax of the growing season, allowing us to enter the winter seamlessly and painlessly. The first part-the holiday season, also known as the winter condensed version....

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  • 23/08/21
Which One is Your Favourite among all these Aglaonema Varieties?

Classification of Chinese evergreens by cultivar name is more common than classification by actual plant name, which complicates identification. In fact, sorting it all out may be a bit dizzying....

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  • 19/08/21
Grow This Funky-Looking Vegetables: Kohlrabi Microgreens

Maybe you have heard of rutabaga, passed it in the grocery store, or even ate it. If so, then you know that it is a fashionable-looking plant, which is why many gardeners avoid it. The miniature green version of rutabaga is more low-key in appearance....

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  • 13/08/21
How to Grow a Scented Garden?

The garden is not only eye-catching; it is truly a feast for all senses. Many people see the garden at the first sight, and the second feeling is usually the fragrance. The smell of the garden is as pleasant as its appearance....

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  • 05/08/21
Tips for Fresh Cut Flowers in Summer!

In summer, gardeners began to consider cutting stems from our beds and borders to bring in. Everyone likes to see the gorgeous vases on the kitchen table....

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  • 05/08/21
An Artistic Eye on Plants!

Maureen Budny, in North Reading, Massachusetts, is a talented amateur photographer who has shared her beautiful images with us before (Garden Photos from Maureen)....

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  • 30/07/21
Tips for Pencil Cactus Care as a Houseplant or Garden Favorite

If you are looking for a succulent houseplant to make a compelling statement, then the pencil cactus or euphorbia is your best choice. The firecrackers of this plant have many names....

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  • 28/07/21
Lilly Blooms for Summer

Although I have always admired lilies in the garden for most of my 45-year gardening life, it was only recently-in the past 10 years or so, that I began to seriously invest in lilies as a plant....

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  • 23/07/21
Choose Some Low Light Succulents for Your Home or Office!

Succulents are still one of the most popular indoor plants, but for those of us who lack bright, sunny places to display them, their growth can be a challenge. Most succulents crave as much sunlight as possible....