How to Decorate a Relaxed Reading Room?

As someone with a home that is filled with the best romance novels of all time, I'm constantly taking note when a home does library shelving well. And this home does it really well. 

On one end, the loungy reading room features built-in bookshelves, casual cots, and bright natural light that feels incredibly fresh and chill.  I love the mix of mismatched pillows on the bench - that perfectly imperfect vibe always does it for me. Floor pillows invite you to grab a book and stay a while.

The tall shelves allow for some white space between the books (even the big ones) that helps break them up and keeps the wall from feeling too heavy, visually.

On the other side, a more 'formal' living room is just as stacked with reading material.

Behind this conversational area created by two rattan chairs, a wall of bookshelves pushed together to create one long piece is topped by art, vases and sculptures. This is a look I'm constantly inspired to recreate in my own house (as evidenced here!), and this styled moment is reaffirming my decision to just do it!

The reason it's one of my favorite ways to store and display books is that it keeps all the 'clutter' of books lower in your sightline. Rather then towering over you in a bookshelf that can feel heavy. 

Are you guys as jealous of this extra lounge space designated for reading and records just as much as I am?? I'm suddenly seriously reconsidering a revamp of our upstairs tiny attic space into a library...

Katen Doe

Katen Doe

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