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  • 02/09/21
House Tour: A 320-Square-Foot 1972 Cabin in California

I am a visual designer and want to create a golden country atmosphere while adding the personal touch of old Hungary. (Some furniture was shipped from Budapest.) I am a modernist who likes retro designs and admires handmade products....

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  • 02/09/21
With Fantastic DIYs and Decoration, the Rental House Comes to Life!

We live in a fantastic enclosed compound, with a wonderful family atmosphere, and children can run and play safely on the street. Our house is one of 240 other identical houses....

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  • 27/08/21
A Pretty Apartment Featuring Both Pattern and Charm

The expert combination of toile and those classic clouds gave me pause and I instantly bookmarked the image as a reminder to share this entire house tour with you....

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  • 20/08/21
Tips for Hanging Curtains

Curtains determine how much light enters your space, and their color and texture can complement or weaken the style of your room. Your curtains should be hung correctly....

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  • 17/08/21
How to Make the Bedroom Cooler in Summer?

A good day starts with a good rest. Higher productivity, brighter mood and better stress management are just the benefits of a night of high quality, deep sleep....

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  • 10/08/21
Cozy and Inviting Farmhouse Entryway Suggestions!

The style of the farmhouse is a laid-back personality in terms of decorative form. It is full of charm and personality, neutral tones and a carefree atmosphere. There is no place in your house that emphasizes the style of the farmhouse....

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  • 04/08/21
A Little Custom Color Can Make A Surprsing Change!

Having never lived in a modern space, I immediately began to think of the apartment as my own personal 'showhouse'. A chance to decorate a little differently while still very much keeping my personal aesthetic....

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  • 04/08/21
Amazing Fluted Plaster Walls And Comfortable Sitting Room!

What originally came off as some an extremely well done tromp l'oeil effect was, in fact, the most beautiful fluted plaster wall treatment I have ever seen....

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  • 30/07/21
How to Decorate a Relaxed Reading Room?

As someone with a home that is filled with the best romance novels of all time, I'm constantly taking note when a home does library shelving well. And this home does it really well....

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  • 28/07/21
A Renovated Modern Victorian with the Most Gorgeous Kitchen

Somewhere in the course of the past year, our family switched from eating in the 'formal' dining room to our breakfast nook for most meals. Of course, this may have had something to do with the fact that we haven't exactly been entertaining....